Strawberry Flavour Cake

399.00 359.00


Strawberry Flavour Cake

399.00 359.00


Are you tired of looking for the best quality cakes in your locality?

Then here is a piece of good news for Guys, Now you can order the best flavor premium Homemade Strawberry quality cake online in your locality  through our such Website: Cakerey, website you will get premium quality cakes with overwhelming taste. And after your order gets placed we will deliver your product to your home. We believe in providing the best quality with premium service, That’s why we always try to provide you the premium quality and which is best in taste of Mango Cake which is a Homemade cake, and I am sure that it will certainly grace special occasions.

Product Details:-

If any of your friends or any of your loved ones who are Strawberry lover then this is the best cake you can gift to them on their special day. It is a wonderful blend of mangoes and whipped cream. And I’m sure that the richness of this cake will blow your mind and mouth if you are a true Strawberry lover.

Product Ingredients:-

All-purpose flour, White sugar, Baking Powder, Vegetable oil, Vanilla Extract, white sugar, Salt milk, Cornstarch, Confectioner’s Sugar, Whipping cream, all those ingredients are used for making vanilla cake.

Product Highlights:-

  • Cake Flavour-Vanilla/Chocolate
  • Type of Cake – Cream
  • Type of Bread- Vanilla
  • Weight- Half Kg
  • Shape- Round
  • Serves-5-7 People
  • Size- 6 inches in Diameter

*Here are some care instruction, which you can flow for better taste:-

(a)To make the taste of the cake stable you can store the cake in a refrigerator.

(b) Try to Consume the cake within 24 hours, Either the taste will get vanished.

How we’ll deliver your cakes:-

We believe in quality service and delivering product on time, This time we are doing our service in our locality with a margin of Area and we will surely expand our business in the future.

  • Our delivery boy will deliver your product to your Home within time.
  • For Customer Satisfaction we will Operate two types of Payment systems, Cash and E-Banking.
  • A knife will be delivered by us, as per the availability along with the product.

Note:- I, hope you liked our content about our Online cakes details and also the Home delivery to your Doorstep, If you found any Bruise about our product then you can give us or else you can give feedback in our website, so, we will be helpful if we get any kind of feedback from our lovely Consumer.


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